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JOIN US NEXT SATURDAY 25th October at 2pm

The time is now Next Saturday 25th October at 2pm in the Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore will see the official launch of Ireland’s        newest political party.  The Irish Democratic Party can rightly claim to be a REAL and GENUINE alternative as the    IDP is not just another political party that’s willing to operate in the same old outdated system of government that  has been used in Ireland since the foundation of the state – We advocate a complete and total change in this outdated  and very corruptible system.

More and more people are becoming disillusioned with our elected politicians who now more than ever appear to be  completely removed from the reality of life for hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland.  The sense of despair and unfairness has led many people to ignore the political process completely especially in recent years as can be seen by the amount of people who don’t bother to vote at election time.

The democratic system that we currently use in Ireland was founded at a time when the general population of a country was deemed not to be educated enough to make their own decisions.  The answer to that was to have a small group of educated people represent the rest of the population and to make all decisions on their behalf!  So, once every 5 years or so we still elect people with this outdated system to make decisions on our behalf until such time as the next election comes around.  In effect what we do at election time is to relinquish our right to have any say in decisions that affect us on a daily basis!

Ever since this system of democracy was founded it was always open to fraud and corruption.  The elected officials were always exposed to the possibility of being compromised by their connections to and dealings with banks, corporations and large business.  As we have seen to our cost this led and is still leading elected officials to make decisions which aren’t always in the best interests of the people they are elected to represent.  Nowadays many if not most decisions are obviously slanted towards the best interest of banks, corporations and large businesses, and our representatives remain insulated from the repercussions of the decisions they make!

As a nation of people we must look beyond the outdated and very undemocratic system of Representative Democracy the Irish version of which has frighteningly become very similar to an Aristocracy, the definition of which is as follows – a form of Government in which power is in the hands of a small and privileged ruling class!

Having discussed the failings of our present system and other forms of democracy, a group of people looked at a particularly fair system and one that can be tailor made to suit Ireland and our people.  That system can introduce very positive change to what we all know to be an outdated and failed way of governing our country.   It’s called Participatory Democracy.

In October 2013 the Irish Democratic Party was founded to promote the principles of this very fair system of Democracy, and without the aid of any literature or a website the membership of the Party has quickly grown to over 400 members!

With Participatory Democracy the decision making process is returned to the electorate, i.e. the people who voted for the elected official.  The local councillor or TD must consult with members of the public, ask them for their decision and vote accordingly. With Participatory Democracy there is no need for the ‘Whip’ system which in itself gives total control over any decisions to party leadership as we have recently seen in our recent governments!

NONE of the members of the IDP are former or failed politicians!  Our members are ordinary people who have real life experience of just what it’s like to live in Ireland under the harshness that has been cruelly imposed on our people by this and the last Governments – this one in particular!  We do not need or want high profile political figures that have played their part in our country’s downfall!  We are not and will not be a rescue boat for anyone’s failed political fortunes!

Included is a system of ‘Recall’, meaning that if the elected official does not abide by the wishes of the electorate, he/she can be recalled/sacked!  This ensures accountability ALL of the time and not just at election time when as we have seen in the past politicians will make all kinds of promises simply to get elected.

It’s also vitally important that we acknowledge the fact that the expertise of financial and economic experts must be commissioned in formulating our future policies.  Unlike other parties our members will not play bar stool politics nor will our party have policies that have not been fully discussed by the appropriate professionals and our members before being decided on! We aren’t in the business of fooling the people some or most of the time.  Ireland faces enormous global challenges as it stands and the best thinking available will guide our policies.

Participatory Democracy is an organic change that requires no legislation to be implemented or referendum to be called.  It is simply a commitment that our candidates make with the electorate enforceable by legal contract.  The electorate will still enjoy a full choice of candidates but some of them will have signed contracts to abide by the will of the people who voted for them.

NONE of the members of the Irish Democratic Party are political ‘insiders’.  Our members are ordinary people who have real life experience and have careers and commitments just like everyone else.  All of us know what it’s like to live in Ireland under the harshness that has been imposed on our people by this and the previous governments – this one in particular!  We do not need or wish high profile political figures that have played their part in our country’s downfall.  We are not nor will we be a rescue boat for anyone’s failed political fortunes!

For now our main focus will be on the introduction and implementation of Participatory Democracy to Ireland via our candidates and local organisations who work to bring about the huge benefits and executive power that this system will give to us and our future generations.

The official launch of the Irish Democratic Party takes place next Saturday 25th October at 2pm in the Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore and everyone is welcome to attend what will be an historic occasion and the beginning of real and long awaited change for the people of Ireland.

The ONLY difference between FF & FG goes back to the 1920’s!

Sun 23Isn’t it time that we moved into the 21st Century?  Hundreds of thousands of our people have been stuck in what can only be compared to quick-sand for the last 90 years or so!  Some of our so called leaders of the time ensured that we were well and truly mired down by their clever use of propaganda and their re-writing of Irish history.  They created confusion and division where there really was none, and all for their own political and financial benefit – and we’re still well and truly stuck!  There is however only one way that we can free ourselves… and that involves opening our eyes to the realisation of what we have allowed these people do to us!

Most people know that the only real difference between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael goes back to the Civil War and whose grandparents did or didn’t support the Anglo Irish Treaty. These two parties have their loyal supporters (God knows why) and they rely on them at each election. It’s the 40 – 50% of non-voters and the ‘don’t knows’ who make up at least 10% that we all have to convince at the next election. All of these people have to be shown that there is a real alternative to the very corrupted system of governance that we have at present – an alternative where everyone can have their voice heard when decisions are being made!

The stench of lies, corruption, fraud and Government propaganda is overwhelming!

Despite their denials about not misleading the Irish public with regard to the average bill that can be expected from Irish Water, everyone with the slightest scrap of intelligence knows that these people haven’t told us the truth!

The people of Ireland have been slaughtered with extra taxes and charges like the Property Tax, the Household Charge, Water Charges, USC and many more.  It is surely only a matter of time before they charge us for the air that we breathe!

Even though most of us suspect it, we must all come to the realisation that the people who control our daily lives have imposed these unjustified charges on us for one reason – and that’s so that they can be seen by their betters in Europe to honour a debt of €64bn which they readily accepted on our behalf!  They will of course take their own slice of the cake in order to fill the pockets of their greedy and privileged friends many of whom retired from public service with large pay-offs and large pensions only to be immediately welcomed into the pot of gold which Irish Water has become for the elite and very privileged few!

We all know that this odious debt was never ours in the first place.  We know it was Irish and European banking debt.  Hundreds of thousands of us can no longer pay our mortgages and other bills that we have.  How could we pay these bills when the Government is forcing us to pay the bankers and bond-holders gambling debts too?

At what point are the people of Ireland going to realise that we have a system of Government that is so infested with greed and surrounded on all sides with corruption and fraudulent activity?  We must all work together to change this very corruptible way of governing our country! Every 5 years or so when we vote at the ballot box we give up our right to have any say in all of the decisions that affect us and our children to a group of elites who are totally out of touch with the reality of what our worsening struggle is really like!

We have a duty not only to ourselves but to our children and all future generations to protect them from the bully boys and girls that have almost beaten us into submission!