The stench of lies, corruption, fraud and Government propaganda is overwhelming!

Despite their denials about not misleading the Irish public with regard to the average bill that can be expected from Irish Water, everyone with the slightest scrap of intelligence knows that these people haven’t told us the truth!

The people of Ireland have been slaughtered with extra taxes and charges like the Property Tax, the Household Charge, Water Charges, USC and many more.  It is surely only a matter of time before they charge us for the air that we breathe!

Even though most of us suspect it, we must all come to the realisation that the people who control our daily lives have imposed these unjustified charges on us for one reason – and that’s so that they can be seen by their betters in Europe to honour a debt of €64bn which they readily accepted on our behalf!  They will of course take their own slice of the cake in order to fill the pockets of their greedy and privileged friends many of whom retired from public service with large pay-offs and large pensions only to be immediately welcomed into the pot of gold which Irish Water has become for the elite and very privileged few!

We all know that this odious debt was never ours in the first place.  We know it was Irish and European banking debt.  Hundreds of thousands of us can no longer pay our mortgages and other bills that we have.  How could we pay these bills when the Government is forcing us to pay the bankers and bond-holders gambling debts too?

At what point are the people of Ireland going to realise that we have a system of Government that is so infested with greed and surrounded on all sides with corruption and fraudulent activity?  We must all work together to change this very corruptible way of governing our country! Every 5 years or so when we vote at the ballot box we give up our right to have any say in all of the decisions that affect us and our children to a group of elites who are totally out of touch with the reality of what our worsening struggle is really like!

We have a duty not only to ourselves but to our children and all future generations to protect them from the bully boys and girls that have almost beaten us into submission!

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  1. Congratulations on your new web-site.

    I think that the water charges may be the straw that broke the hypothetical collective camel’s back of the long-suffering Irish electorate. The meltdown of the coalition parties at the next general election will be spectacular and make that meted out to Fianna Fail and the Greens pale into insignificance. Unfortunately, the only obvious alternative is either a coalition between Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein, or worse still, a majority Sinn Fein government.

    1. Hopefully people will finally realise Adrian that all of the parties that you mention above operate in a system that was designed by the privileged few so that they could have total control over the uneducated masses. That time is long past now. It’s time we had a system of Government where all of our people can contribute to the decision making process!

  2. Are you not one of the privileged few ken working in an garda Siochana for thirty years i don’t think you can afford to talk or voice your opinion about poverty in this country go back into your box

    1. Hi Siobhan,

      Thanks for your comment. I really don’t know what your complaint is. I was not given a job in an Garda Siochana. Like thousands of people I just applied for a job, did an entrance exam, an interview and a medical. I didn’t have any relations in the Guards nor did I know or approach anyone to help me. At the time I just counted myself as one of the lucky ones to get the job. This was open to anyone to do. You could even have done that yourself if you chose to. Are you saying that you have a grievance against anyone that ever applied for a job or just people who applied for work in an Garda Siochana?

      While I am proud of the work that I personally did during my 30 years, I experienced every side of life that has probably shaped who I am today. One of the many things that I did experience was a very small number of people who showed me little respect even though they didn’t know me personally. I simply accepted that some people dislike the Guards and I just ignored it!

      I now find that because of my former job some people will attack what I am doing and the reasons that I do what I’m doing now – and that’s standing up for ordinary people against unfairness, fraud and corruption. However, I find that the people who do launch these attacks do so from the comfort of their armchairs in front of a computer screen and more often than not they don’t reveal their full identity or use a false one. I haven’t met ANY of them personally as the only thing that they are prepared to do is to attack those who are standing up for what is right! (By the way the email address that you provided when submitting your comment is a false address)

      Can I ask Siobhan (or Elizabeth, or whatever your real name is), are you actively involved in any way yourself in trying to make life better for others?

      Kind regards,

      Ken Smollen

  3. Hi Ken I like what I have read but I am totally suspicious of everything to do with politics now. The Political Parties In Ireland all of them are crooked corrupt Gangsters the only difference between them and other Gangsters is that we can clearly see them in their fine suits parading around like gods and sneering at the little man who to them is little more than dog poo on their shoe until they need us at election time. After that we are an irritant that they swat like we would do to a fly. They are like parasites slowly sucking the life’s blood from us and our children and grandchildren. I truly believe we desperately need to change the way things are done in politics in Ireland I accept that maybe Ye are a genuine Different type of political party and maybe one who does really care about all of the people in Ireland but I just have so much hatred in my heart for politicians and for what they have done to our once happy beautiful little country. They have broken it’s back along with the people of Ireland and I doubt that it can ever be repaired. Don’t get me wrong when I mention hatred of politicians I would never ever be party to violence towards anyone of them but I would dearly love to see them slaughtered at their own game. Maybe the time has come and change is in the air maybe your party is the party for change I don’t know. I have never heard of Ye until this evening the people who’s company I am in have never heard of Ye how can Ye hope to change anything when I would hazard a guess that the majority of the Irish electorate has never heard of Ye either. I will be watching with interest any information / news I can find on the party. It sounds like what the people need to change how things are done and as I say I like what I have read on what Ye think is the way forward but then again we have heard many stories before and they all turned out to be wishful thinking or either blatant lies which just allowed the corruption to continue on its merry way. If Ye are truly genuine I wish Ye well and the very best in yer mission to win the Irish electorate over there’s a saying that there’s no fool like an old fool and the Irish electorate are the biggest fools of all. We willingly continue to let ourselves be fooled by political gangsters and willingly re – elect them time after time after time. Does that not show who the old fools are. Kindest regards James Lane. Ps unlike Siobhan my name is genuine just as my email address is and I am also one of the many people who still have regard and respect for our Garda Siochana even in these troubled times especially the Garda on the front line who has to meet and endure all manner of criminal and thug on a daily basis.

  4. Hi James,

    Thank you for your message. We are officially Ireland’s newest political party, registered in April this year. The reason that we formed a political party is that we know it is the only way to beat the fraudsters, and that is at their own game. We have all seen that protests just don’t work. We now have members in 20 of the 26 Counties and are growing stronger every day. While we recognise the fact that we are almost completely unknown I hope that will change very soon.

    As you have probably read on the website we advocate a total change from the totally corruptible system of Representative Democracy that we have now to Participatory Democracy. We have no former politicians as members and the only people we will accept as members are those who subscribe to the ideals of Participatory Democracy where everyone’s voice is heard all of the time and not just at election time.

    Just like yourself I was totally frustrated with the fraudulent system of politics that we have endured since the foundation of the state, so rather than just continually complain about it I and a few other like minded people decided to do something about it. Unlike all other political parties we don’t charge a membership fee as there shouldn’t be a price on democracy.

    We are looking for good people to join us so I hope that you will re-consider as you appear to be one of the people who realises what’s really going on in Ireland.

    If you send me your email address I will send you a link to an interview that I did on KFM (Kildare Radio) yesterday.



  5. Hi Ken,

    I have been reading up on your party politics and you talk a good talk. I share a lot of the same views and I’m delighted to see a newly formed party putting the people of Ireland first. While I have never been involved in politics before, I have also been considering signing up with your party in the hopes that I can do something, anything, to help in the efforts to rid this country of the corruption and cronyism within the main political parties and put the country back into the hands of the citizens, before it’s too late. Fear, helplessness and hopelessness has already taken it’s toll on the people of Ireland and what we need is to get the word out there that you CAN fight back, you CAN stand up for yourself, and you CAN win. Education is the key!

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