The ONLY difference between FF & FG goes back to the 1920’s!

Sun 23Isn’t it time that we moved into the 21st Century?  Hundreds of thousands of our people have been stuck in what can only be compared to quick-sand for the last 90 years or so!  Some of our so called leaders of the time ensured that we were well and truly mired down by their clever use of propaganda and their re-writing of Irish history.  They created confusion and division where there really was none, and all for their own political and financial benefit – and we’re still well and truly stuck!  There is however only one way that we can free ourselves… and that involves opening our eyes to the realisation of what we have allowed these people do to us!

Most people know that the only real difference between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael goes back to the Civil War and whose grandparents did or didn’t support the Anglo Irish Treaty. These two parties have their loyal supporters (God knows why) and they rely on them at each election. It’s the 40 – 50% of non-voters and the ‘don’t knows’ who make up at least 10% that we all have to convince at the next election. All of these people have to be shown that there is a real alternative to the very corrupted system of governance that we have at present – an alternative where everyone can have their voice heard when decisions are being made!

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