Ken - Leaflet 4Chairperson:  Married with two daughters and four grandsons, Ken Smollen is from Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

In 2012 I retired after 30 years as a member of An Garda Siochana having served in Tallaght, Edenderry and Portlaoise.  Having been totally frustrated with the level of fraud, dishonesty and corruption in every organisation connected with our compromised Governments it was obvious to me that the system of Government we have had since the foundation of the state is totally outdated and unfit for purpose.  I was never involved in politics before but knew that something had to be done to create a better and fairer system of governance for all of our people.

After many long hours of discussion with a number of people over a period of about one year, one issue that stood out was that when elected, our politicians are never accountable to the people and when implemented, the system of Participatory Democracy will change that forever.   I’m proud to say that I was one of the founding members of the Irish Democratic Party in October 2013.

Ken can be contacted on 085 143 2898 or by email at


Angela Briggs 2Secretary:  Angela Briggs is a married mother of four and step-mother of one. She is also a carer for her youngest child.

I have always been interested in what’s going on in Ireland and the rest of the world and want to see a fairer system equal for all.  Having been through a lot of red tape with the HSE in relation to my youngest child’s health/disability, I joined the Irish Democratic Party with the intention of seeking radical reform in the health system, financial services and reforming the law.

I want to see an end to the undemocratic Whip system as it would be fairer to allow people to vote with their conscience rather than being told how to vote.  There should be more concentration on national politics from our elected TD’s and not only on local issues.

Angela can be contacted on 085 191 3748


Eileen Ryan

Eileen Ryan. I’m originally from the UK, in Ireland for the last 19 years and living in Portarlington. I am married with a teenage son and have been a nurse for the last 30 years.

I always voted Labour in UK and here in Ireland but am sickened by the way they have forgotten their socialist ideals, bullying single mothers and allowing Fine Gael to forget the people they were elected to represent. I WILL NOT BE paying the scam that is Irish water.

I am now becoming more optimistic about Ireland’s future as the people are waking up with smaller parties and Independents helping to inform the public by speaking up on our behalf. I believe in getting involved and I decided to join the Irish Democratic Party as with the IDP everyone’s voice matters.  I would urge people to get involved in shaping Ireland’s future and to join our party if we resonate with you.

I can be contacted via facebook or by email at


Garalt Canton

Garalt Canton (Dublin Branch IDP)

I am a full-time carer, writer for theatre, television and literature. I live in Donnybrook, Dublin City. My career has spanned the IT industry, Consumer Finance, Public Health Services and adult/postgraduate education.

My expertise is in the realm of ideas and energy policy. I returned to Ireland after nearly a decade spent teaching and working in France as a self-employed person. I learned how different continental Europeans are in how they approach their life and politics and I hope to bring some of their superior philosophy and values to my party.

I joined the Irish Democratic Party when I read Ken Smollen’s strategy for change back in 2013.  I had been writing extensively from 2011 on a paradigm shift that is breaking all over the world which reveals that our western economic model just doesn’t work anymore and it is causing harm to us and our planet.

Ireland’s woes are just a pin prick of what is happening on a global scale but I believe it is Ireland that can provide the solution to the 50 year old problem of money, vested interests and corruption in our politics.

I believe that Participatory Democracy is a very credible solution to the GUBU politics we have been forced to live under.  Participatory Democracy is as close to the agile, responsive and intelligent democracy first practiced by the Ancient Greek city states which founded our civilisation.

Garalt can be contacted on 083 1833 282 or by email at