Thank you for visiting our website.  While on these pages you’ll find that the language used is ordinary every day English that’s used by most people in Ireland on a daily basis.  You won’t find the usual political language that’s used by the usual suspects which is designed to cause confusion and which usually leads to people being totally disconnected from the cocooned and elite world of most other political parties.  Nor are we going to give you long and boring reasons why we think you should join the IDP.  We’ll only provide you with facts and as few boring figures as is possible.  It’s entirely up to you after that!

Over the last few years and especially since the onset of the recession many people have legitimately questioned how and why a small group of people, banks and organisations could have brought our country and its people to our knees. Bathrooms Dublin from leading providers.  A very simple answer could be that it was only a matter of time before this collapse occurred as we have a very flawed and outdated system of Government!

Emergency Situation

Our country is now in an emergency situation with – 

From the above figures it is clearly evident that there is something very wrong with our system of Government.  The form of democracy that we have in Ireland  is called ‘Representative Democracy’.  It was founded on the principle of a small group of elected officials representing and making decisions on behalf of all of the people in our country.  This form of democracy has been described by some political theorists as ‘Polyarchy’.  The only real difference between a ‘Monarchy’ and a ‘Polyarchy’ is that where the latter is practised more than one person rules the country!

Not educated enough to make decisions

Representative Democracy was founded at a time when the general population of a country was deemed not to be educated enough to make their own decisions.  The answer to that was to have a small group of educated people represent the rest of the population and to make all decisions on their behalf!  So, once every 5 years or so we still elect people with this outdated system to make decisions on our behalf until such time as the next election comes around.  In effect what we do at election time is to relinquish our right to have any say in decisions that affect us on a daily basis!

Ever since this system of democracy was founded it was always open to fraud and corruption.  The elected officials were always exposed to the possibility of being compromised by their connections to and dealings with banks, corporations and large business.  As we have seen to our cost this led and is still leading elected officials to make decisions which aren’t always in the best interests of the people they are elected to represent.  Nowadays many if not most decisions are obviously slanted towards the best interest of banks, corporations and large businesses!

Civil War

In Ireland the only main difference between the two main political parties still sadly revolves around the civil war politics of the early 20th Century.  The sad fact is that our two largest political parties are so similar that the only real difference between them is whose grandparents supported the Treaty and whose grandparents didn’t!  For the last few years the same can actually be said about the Labour Party and Sinn Fein.  Their policies are now also so similar to those of the two main parties that all we really have at election time is a game of musical chairs to see which two parties can do secret deals with each other in order that they can assume the throne and rule over over us for another 5 years until it’s time for another game of musical chairs!

Surely the time has come to consign this outdated and unfit for purpose system to history and move forward with a system of governance that will ensure fairness and equality for everyone, and one in which we can make a better future not only for ourselves but for our children and our grandchildren!

It’s not too late

The reality now is that our country and our people are in crisis.  We are in an emergency situation where the people who are charged with governing our country are not being truthful about the perilous predicament we are in!  Many of us have justified doubts about the way in which our country is governed.  We must seriously question a system that favours an elite few and why the same system has failed the majority of our people so badly!  As a people we must seriously consider the legacy that we are leaving our children, grand-children and all future generations!

Ireland and our people can never move forward when our politicians are not willing to look beyond the outdated and very undemocratic system of ‘Representative Democracy’ the Irish version of which has frighteningly become very similar to an ‘Aristocracy’, the definition of which is as follows – a form of Government in which power is in the hands of a small and privileged ruling class!

The time has come to make sweeping changes and that time is NOW!  We don’t just need another change of Government because we’ve all seen that nothing really changes by swapping one Party for another.  Our complete system of governance is totally flawed and that’s what MUST be changed!

…So, who are the Irish Democratic Party, and how are we so completely different than any other political party that has ever existed in Ireland?

Just click on the ABOUT US link at the top of the page where we explain fully the aims of the Irish Democratic Party, who our members are, how and why we were formed, and most importantly how the Irish people can make REAL and LASTING change for the betterment of all of our people, not just the elite and privileged few!